Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Titles

I can think up some weird titles.

The title of Lady of the Stars, my Regency time travel novella, is not too crazy. But what about Pumpkinnapper, my Regency Halloween comedy?

What's a pumpkinnapper, you ask? Here's the one line blurb: Pumpkin thieves, a youthful love rekindled and a jealous goose. Oh, my!

As further examples of my penchant for weird titles, here are some of the titles of my posts:

Oh, No, Not Another Author Blog!-- My very first post. Probably shows it.
How I Started--Writing, That Is--My beginnings as a writer. Yawn.
To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question (My Apologies to the Bard)-- Blogging takes a lot of time. Does it help sell books? You got me.
And How Did You Become An Author? Success out of failure. Or maybe I'm just too stupid to give up.

And then we have my blog's Shameless Promotion series--subtitled Linda's Adventures in Promotion Land:
Shameless Promotion
Shameless Promotion II
Shameless Promotion, Again
More Shameless Promotion (Does She Ever Stop?)
Shameless Promotion. Again??!!!
Shameless Promotion - It Never Ends

And the titles I like the best, from my group blog, Happily Ever After:

Gorgeous Men in Tight Breeches & Ruffled Shirts
Gorgeous Men in Tight Breeches and Ruffled Shirts II

This series is my ode to Regency gentlemen's clothing. (What did you think it was?) I have to write a few more posts in the same vein. We can never have too many gorgeous men in our lives. **grins**

Do titles catch your interest? What do you like in a title?

Thank you all,


Kaye Manro said...

Hi Linda, Yes, titles do catch my interest. And some are good, some not so much. One of my favorite medieval Historical titles (book by Sue Ellen Welfonder) is, 'Knight In My Bed'
Well it's not hard to imagine what that one is about!

As for my latest, 'Forbidden Love' was once Forbidden Lust because it has hot scenes in it. Not hard to figure out either. It could end up as an entirely different title in the end. I just found that Christina Phillips' new book for Berkeley will be titled, 'His Forbidden Princess'.

I guess the word forbidden in romance titles is common in the genre.
(sigh) Oh well.

Linda Banche said...

LOL, Kaye, "Knight in My Bed" says it all.

As for "Forbidden Lust" morphing into "Forbidden Love", we don't want to be too obvious. **grins**

I never really thought about "forbidden" being a common word for titles. Maybe it's time to hit the thesaurus. But whatever your book's title becomes, I'm sure the book is good!