Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shameless Promotion. Again??!!!

Yes, here we go with more Shameless Promotion. Lady of the Stars’s release date looms closer and closer. I didn’t realize just how close until I looked at the calendar on the Wild Rose Press yahoo loop.

Here I am on January 7, 2009, my release day, scheduled from 9 to 10 AM EST to talk about my book. If you click on my entry in the calendar, you get my blurb.

I realize there are a few typos and I have no idea how they got there. I’ve also changed the blurb since I first sent it in. Yes, we TWRP authors write our own blurbs.

I’d be very happy if a few people would show up. At the lower left of my entry there is a link to “Add the Group Event to my Calendar”. Please do.

That same day, January 7, I also have an all-day Author Day at Brenda Williamson’s Romance Party yahoo group. If you can show up at Brenda’s for a few minutes, too, I would appreciate it. I hope I’m not there all by myself.

And I just signed up at facebook. If you’re on facebook, please send me a friend request. Here's my profile. Or you can find me by searching on Linda Banche.

Thank you all,



Jen Black said...

Looks like you're organised, Linda!
You remind me that I must get my finger out and do something myself.

Linda Banche said...

Well, I hope all this organization amounts to something. Thanks for stopping by.