Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shameless Promotion, Again

And I thought a website and a blog plus a million loops was enough promotion.

No. Now everyone also needs an account on a networking site. Some examples of networking sites are Myspace and Facebook.

Other networking sites I've heard suggested are Twitter, Red Room, and Booktour. I've never heard of the last two, but they are supposed to be ones that authors and readers frequent.

So, OK, I now have a page on myspace--

There isn't much on it yet, but I'll add to it as I go along.

I also have an account on goodreads. goodreads is all about books. I can put up the books I like, and there are other people with the same tastes as mine. It's also hooked up to Facebook, so when I get my Facebook account, I'll have less setup to do.

I will probably also get an account on, another readers' and authors' loop. I've heard that publishers come to shelfari looking for people who read their authors' books. They might send you an ARC (advance reading copy) in hopes of getting a review.

OK, so here's the shameless promotion. Please go to my myspace and goodreads accounts and send me a friend request, or ask me to send you one.

I'm on myspace at

and goodreads at

And when I set up other accounts I'll ask again.

Thank you all,


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