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I've decided to list all the Lady of the Stars reviews in one place. For each review, I've also noted if it contai
ns spoilers. My stories usually contain surprises, and, if you're like me, you don't want to know the surprises until you read the story.

And, Lady of the Stars finalled in Science Fiction Romance in the 2010 EPIC eBook Awards.

First, my 4 star review from Romantic Times Book Reviews: "This is a quick read and a delightful short romance. The time-travel aspect is well done, and the characters are nicely fleshed out. The ending brings everything to a comfortable and relatively believable conclusion." Read the full review here. (contains spoilers).

Next, 4 1/2 books from Long and Short Reviews (LASR): Lady of the Stars has my favorite elements...It is about time travel, has very believable characters, and it has a good story line...(The hero and heroine's) mutual love for one another was a natural development. Then when I was just getting settled in their life -- WHAM! My heart is ripped from my chest and I felt the tears coming on. What a moving scene. I thoroughly enjoyed this first story by Ms. Banche and look forward to her next release. I just know I'll love it as much as I did Lady of the Stars." Read the full review here. (contains spoilers)

4 Kisses, A Recommended Read from TwoLips Reviews: "The unfolding of this story and the concept of the gazebo as the means to travel through time were intriguing.  Linda Banche created main characters that were both intelligent mathematicians and astronomers...I found the story sweet and delightful."
Full review here. (contains spoilers)

5 stars from Stephanie Burkhart, author of The Count's Lair
"Banche's love scenes are sensual and tasteful...What I enjoyed the most was how Banche wove the elements of suspense, time romance, and romance together. I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what was coming next."
Full review here:

Entertaining, Engaging from Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction (WRDF):"The most important part of a romance--the romance--was marvelous."


From Mary Ricksen, author of Tripping Through Time:
"I just finished reading Lady of The Stars, and I loved it! Linda Banche has written an engrossing story that I could not put down until I had read the whole thing. Husband bellowing, dogs barking, doorbell ringing, I couldn't stop. Caro and Richard were meant to be, in the past and in the present. I loved this romance and want the author to give me more! Time travel is my favorite and I have read them all. This is time travel romance at its very best."
Goes Well With: A steaming mug of Earl Grey tea, from Nights and Weekends:
"All told, though, reading Lady of the Stars was an enjoyable way to pass the time.
Full review here. (contains spoilers)

Some reader reviews:

From Carol:
"I just finished Lady of The Stars. I loved it. Very charming love story and I loved the time travel. Loved Richard and Caro."

From Rachel
Loved this Book, Linda!! Great plot and I especially like the way you tied it all together in the end, hard to do with time travel and make it plausible; but you did it.
Highly recommend this book ...
And from Nina:
"Wow!! What a wonderful story. I can see why it received four stars. Well deserved. The ending was priceless. Do you have any more?"

I also have the following books:

-->Pumpkinnapper, Mistletoe Everywhere, Gifts Gone Astray, and An Inheritance for the Birds.
Blurb and Excerpt here.

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