Sunday, July 7, 2013


5 Stars from Vania at The Butterfly Reads…
“Girls, this is the one of these books that you read with happiness on your face and a stupid small smile on your lips.

It`s so damn cute!!!

A book to read without stopping. Each chapter a smile and a sigh. And a mad desire to read the first one. And here we go!!

Wonderful characters. Your connection to them is fast and easy.
The pace of the story is great.
Positive point: it is a light book, optimistic, funny and makes you feel good when you finish reading.
Negative point: I WANT MORE!!!!!
If I read the other series? For sure!!


Full review here: (Note, the review is in Portuguese. Scroll down for the English translation.)

5 Stars from Cheryl Green
"Linda Banche has done it again. I love her regency novellas. They are the perfect little confection that makes your day. It was a fast fun read. I read it in one sitting. I am hoping there will be more in this delightful series. So, if you like a good read that is romantic and laugh out loud funny, then you should be reading 'A Mutual Interest in Numbers'."

Full review here:

5 stars from Lindsay Townsend (author of Dark Maiden)
"'A Mutual Interest in Numbers' is a lively, sweet romance and perfectly captures the ploys young people in Regency London might use to meet each other...I really enjoyed this story. I love the way Linda Banche shows us young men, with their mix of arrogance and natural chivalry, their sparring with each other and their friendship."

5 stars from Anne Herries (author of His Unusual Governess)
"Fun and frolics and well worth reading!"

Full review here:

5 stars from Keen Reader
"Linda Banche has an individual and humorous way with a story...well written and lively"
Full review here:

4 stars from Icy Snow at Two Lips Reviews
"This book is a little longer (than 'A Mutual Interest in Numbers'), but no less entertaining."
Full review here:

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