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Goosed! or A Fowl Christmas is the second book I wrote, way back in 2005-2006.

I was new to writing and the world was wide open. I wrote about what I liked, and I like birds, especially waterfowl, and most especially, ducks. I had just read "Small Miracles", a Regency Christmas story in which the animals talk, by my favorite author, Barbara Metzger. (I love Barbara Metzger. Her stories are always wacked-out funny.) The month was December, so I wrote a funny Christmas tale about a conniving goose whose personal agenda dovetails with my hero's and heroine's romance.

There are plenty of birds here, as well as a fox. The animals all talk to each other, the humans blissfully unaware of the action taking place under their noses. But Christmas terrifies the goose, and for a very good reason. :)

Like all my other stories, this one is a comedy. Goosed! is near the "wacky" end of my humor spectrum.

I rewrote the book because I've learned a lot since 2006. Show vs. tell, Point of View (POV)--in 2006, I had never heard of this stuff. Converting my mostly "telling" story into "showing", and also adding new scenes lengthened the book by 50 per cent. I also fixed lots and lots of POV errors.

The human story of Goosed! is also a love triangle, and, sadly, one of the seekers of the heroine's hand loses. The original version of Goosed! didn't contain this subplot. The loser is the hero of the first book I wrote, in 2005, and the next one in The Feather Fables series. I back fit some of his story into Goosed.  I also have to rewrite this book, which I call my magnum opus, and I plan to publish it sometime this year.

So, there it is: Goosed! or A Fowl Christmas, Book 1 of The Feather Fables, sweet Regency romance, full of birds and comedy, and with more fun on the way.

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