Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: LORD AND LADY SPY by Shana Galen

The war with Napoleon is over. What's a spy to do? Such is the problem facing Adrian and Sophia in Lord and Lady Spy, Shana Galen's latest Regency historical with mystery and action.

Unbeknownst to each other, Adrian and Sophia both worked for the same top secret organization in the Foreign Office. Retirement holds no allure for spies who thrive on danger and deception, especially when their marriage is troubled. And then the prime minister requests their services in a murder investigation. The catch--they must compete with each other, and the one who solves the case will be reinstated into his or her former job.

Loners both, with divergent styles, they must join forces to solve the case, increasing the strain on their relationship. They love each other, but do they love each other enough to take another chance on their marriage when only one of them can win the competition?

Ms. Galen's latest effort is an exciting mystery/spy story, interlaced with the sadness of a troubled marriage. I like stories that contain another element in addition to the romance, and this one has not only a murder mystery, but a spy story, too. I also like a non-traditional heroine, and Sophia is one of the best. She's a lady who can take care of herself in any situation her work throws at her. Her personal life is another matter. And I like Adrian, who wants both his life as a spy and the love of his wife, but who doesn’t know how to reconcile the opposing desires. Neither Adrian nor Sophia is perfect, and their suffering and humanity come through in this courtship-in-marriage story as they work to repair their relationship and solve the mystery. And the mystery will keep you wondering right until the end.

If you want a Regency with something in addition to fancy balls and pretty clothes (which this book also has), Lord and Lady Spy is the book for you.

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catslady said...

I've been hearing good things about this book. Nice to know you enjoyed it too and after reading your review, I know it's something I would also enjoy. Thanks.