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Mistletoe Everywhere is here!

The all-new, expanded and completely rewritten Mistletoe Everywhere is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords and other retailers:

Have all the fun of a Regency Christmas, but especially with mistletoe only the hero can see over the heroine.

A man who sees mistletoe everywhere is mad—or in love.

Mr. Charles Gordon sees mistletoe. Not surprising, since he's spending Christmas at Mistletoe Manor. But the mistletoe always hangs over Miss Penelope Lawrence, the despised lady who jilted him the day after she accepted his marriage proposal. Even worse, no one else sees the benighted plant. Real or imagined, the weed taunts him with the treasure he lost. And might also drive him insane.

Penelope wants nothing to do with the faithless Charles, who broke her heart into tiny pieces when he cried off after proposing marriage. But try as she might, she’s never succeeded in removing him from her heart and mind. The baffling thing is, he stares at her all the time. Or rather, at something on the empty ceiling over her head.

Despite their struggles to extinguish every ounce of feeling, their love still burns bright. According to folklore, mistletoe is the plant of peace. Can Penelope and Charles, so full of hurt and anger, heed the mistletoe's message and make peace?

A sweet, traditional Regency romantic comedy with fantasy. 34,000 words. A new version of the previous work, expanded and completely rewritten.


“Here’s to Christmas!” Gavin, on Baring’s far side, raised his class in a toast. Everyone around Gavin joined in and then drank heartily.

“And here’s to the New Year!” Lord Fane added his own toast.

The rest, including Charles, joined in. Toast followed toast again and again, until the end of the table rang with alcohol-fueled jollity.

The plates, the table, the people—all grew a little fuzzy around the edges. Now what had bothered him so?

Smythe, on Charles’s other side, stood up shakily and raised his glass. “And here’s to—uh—what’s left?”

“How about mistletoe?” Baring’s words slurred.

Charles’s head whipped toward Smythe.

And toward Penelope—and the monstrous bunch of mistletoe above her.

“Gordon? What is it?” Smythe set down his glass and then swiveled toward the top of the table. He looked up and down, and then from one side to the other. “I say, with your mouth hanging open like that, you must see something spectacular, but curst if I see anything.”

With an audible click, Charles clamped his jaw shut. “I thought I saw…” He smiled at Smythe. “Nothing. I imagined I saw mistletoe.”

Smythe’s eyebrows rose. “Mistletoe?”

“Yes. The house’s name is ‘Mistletoe Manor’, so mistletoe decorations fill the place. Pictures, wall hangings, ceiling trim, whatnot.”

Smythe’s eyebrows shot higher. “That ‘mistletoe’ you didn’t see is over Miss Lawrence.” His lips curved into a knowing grin. “Lovely little filly. My jaw dropped the first time I saw her, too.”

Charles stiffened. “I was not looking at Miss Lawrence. I believed I saw mistletoe over her.”

“‘Mistletoe’.” Smythe’s grin widened. “Of course.” He raised his glass again. “A toast to mistletoe!”

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords and other retailers:

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