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The new Gifts Gone Astray is here!

Have fun with my expanded and rewritten Regency comedy about a gifts mix up that brings true love to my hero and heroine.

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A book as fairy godmother? Stranger things have happened.

Everyone looks forward to the Earl of Langley’s annual family party because everyone, relative and employee alike, receives a gift.

Which includes Mr. Stephen Fairfax, tutor to the earl’s bratty son. But what a gift! And from the demure widow Mrs. Anne Copely, the earl’s niece, no less. If he accepts the gift book’s implicit invitation, his wildest dreams about the beautiful lady will come true. He might also lose his job, but he’ll take the chance.

Mrs. Anne Copely has enjoyed every minute she’s spent in the handsome tutor’s company. The subject of her gift interests them both, and studying the book together is the perfect way for them to spend many happy hours together. Although why he’s uneasy about an innocent collection of illustrations puzzles her.

A mix up of the first order, but when gifts go astray, love comes to the rescue.

A sweet, yet sensual Regency romantic comedy. 33,000 words.


The mantel clock chimed the hour.
Mrs. Copely jumped. “Oh, dear, look at the time! I must go back to the drawing room. So much to do before the party tonight. But, before I leave…We had some trouble with the gifts today. Yours went missing. I apologize—”
“But I received a gift. Someone left a parcel outside my door.”
“Thank the stars.” She pressed her hand to her bosom.
Her ripe, perfectly formed bosom.
Stephen’s throat dried.
“I worried that your present was lost.”
She worried about me. Capital! He coughed. “I have not yet unwrapped the gift. A book, I take it?”
“Yes. That book was one of my husband’s favorites. Mine, too. We spent many happy hours enjoying every page. I selected that particular volume with you in mind.”
I have a chance. “You flatter me with your consideration.”
“My pleasure.” She folded her hands at her waist. “As much as I long to, I will not ruin the surprise by telling you what the book is.” She smoothed her countenance into a blank stare, but her glorious chocolate eyes twinkled.
So, she wants to play games. He gave an inward smirk. He would love to play games of a different sort. But he would settle for a guessing game—for now. “Let me see.” He rested his chin in one palm. “A book on astronomy?”
Not a muscle in her face twitched.
“A collection of prints, mayhap? Of horses? Dogs?”
Her face remained immobile.
Damnation, but she was good at this. “Cats?”
A shapely brown eyebrow arched upward. “Cats?”
“Well, then, not cats. How about—” Erotic prints? “—bridges?”
Nary an eyelash flickered.
He spread his arms wide. “Very well, I give up. You are quite adept at this. I daresay you would prove formidable at the gaming tables.”
“Perhaps I should take up wagering, then. I can just see myself at the tables, winning everyone else’s money.” She laughed. “But I will not spoil your fun when you open the gift. I will offer a hint, though.” She gave a little hop. “I am sure you will like that book as much as I do.”
“You have piqued my curiosity even further. I will unwrap your present straightaway.”
“If you wish, we can study it together. That book was meant for more than one person.”
By Jupiter, yet another chance to be with her! Today was his lucky day. “I would like that very much.” More than anything.
“How I would love to see your face when you open the book!”


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