Sunday, December 1, 2013

Review: EVERLASTING ENCHANTMENT by Kathryne Kennedy

Kathryne Kennedy’s Relics of Merlin series has another winner in Everlasting Enchantment!

In the magical London of 1839, the ladies are all atwitter. Rumor speaks of a magical bracelet, one which chooses a lady and then brings forth a virile knight who grants her one--and only one--night of never-to-be-forgotten passion. Millicent, denizen of the dark underworld that high-born society pretends doesn’t exist, must ferret out the truth.

Her search leads her to one of the elusive and much-sought-after Relics of Merlin, and the bracelet chooses her. Now she must contend with Gareth, entrapped in the amulet, and who seeks the woman who can release him. Their feelings for each other grow, but Millicent must give him up to secure her goal, and Gareth must keep her to attain his.

Ms. Kennedy has created another exciting magical romantic adventure tale in this latest installment of the Relics of Merlin. Magic flows in the air, where were-creatures of all kinds bump shoulders with wizards, mages and common folk, spells abound, and illusion is a part of life. Under Ms. Kennedy’s deft hand, you believe such a world can exist.

But where illusion is everyday, nothing is as it seems, and Ms. Kennedy is a master at showing you one thing while masking the truth. Millicent’s and Gareth’s goals appear clean-cut, but they may not be. Each must help the other if there is to be redemption for either of them. Everlasting Enchantment is a story of learning, change, risk, and finding salvation where you least expect it.

I loved the first two Relics of Merlin novels (Enchanting the Lady, Double Enchantment), and I’m glad Ms. Kennedy has returned to this unique world with Everlasting Enchantment. I look forward to the upcoming books.

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