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Review: A LITTLE NIGHT MISCHIEF by Emily Greenwood

A Little Night Mischief by Emily Greenwood is a light-hearted Regency romp with serious undertones about the misadventures of two very determined people who clash on their journey to love.

Felicity considers Tethering, the estate where she grew up, her home, even though the place belongs to her uncle. When her uncle loses the property to James in a card game and then dies, Felicity believes she has every right to take the place back. Specifically, by some ghostly and other mischief designed to convince James the holding is more trouble than it’s worth.

James wants to clear his family name tarnished by his brother and buy back his own debt-ridden family home. He needs the money from the sale of Tethering to do both. If he can only stop Felicity from undermining his efforts.

A Little Night Mischief is full of laughs as Felicity concocts one hare-brained scheme after another in her increasingly desperate and futile attempts to dislodge James from her life. She is charming, if a little too stubborn, in her insistence that Tethering is rightfully hers, even as she admits her growing attraction to and liking for James.

James is equally charming even if he’s a little too certain he always knows what’s best, and especially when he keeps vital information from Felicity as he grows to care for her.

And while A Little Night Mischief is a romance, the story is also a parable on the folly of blindly holding onto something too tightly when the object of your desire may no longer meet your needs.

There are also several appealing secondary characters, like James’s Aunt Miranda, and Crispin, the village vicar. I liked Crispin very much, and would like to see how his story continues.

A Little Night Mischief is a fun romance. Enjoy.

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