Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: HEART OF A TEXAN by Leigh Greenwood

Leigh Greenwood gives us another of his rip-roaring, fast-paced, high adventure Western romances in Heart of a Texan, the latest and last of his Night Riders series.

The night when bandits attack her farm and kill her father, Roberta shoots one of the men. Trouble is, Nate isn’t a raider. A guilty Roberta reluctantly nurses Nate, one of the despised ranchers whom she’s convinced are responsible, back to health. As they talk, she comes to realize he may be different from his comrades.

Nate rode over to help Roberta and her father and got a bullet hole in his chest as a reward. He’s spent the past two years in an obsessive but fruitless search for the villain who killed his brother. The enforced inaction and his conversational sparring with the lovely Roberta, who’s determined to keep her farm going, has him thinking maybe the time has arrived for a change.

Interweaving action, suspense and romance, Heart of a Texan has you frantically turning pages to find out how Roberta’s and Nate’s romance plays out against a background of multiple disasters that seem bent on cleaving them apart.

While the action is fast and furious, the changes in the characters are just as momentous. I don’t care for tortured heroes, especially ones who make everyone else’s life wretched. I like even less the doormat heroines who let them get away with their infantile behavior. Although Nate has his demons, he’s not one who expects anyone else to lie down before his misery. Roberta wouldn’t do it anyway. While she acknowledges his pain, she doesn’t cater to it, but, with gentle common sense, urges him to let his futile endeavor go. While Roberta at first leans on others, she learns to stand up for herself, which is not an easy task in a society that treats women like brainless idiots. She also comes to realize the error of lumping everyone together.

With an admirable hero and heroine and a delicious romance unfurling against a life-and-death background, Heart of a Texan has it all.

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