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Free Author Marketing Conference July 14-15, 2012

Marketing Summer Camp July 14-15, 2012
Marketing Summer Camp is a two-day online conference designed to help authors learn the basics of marketing and promotion, and to fine tune skills already obtained. It will include guest speakers, pitch opportunities, prizes, top giveaways, and plenty of learning and fun. It will be held on the Yahoo group, Marketing for Romance Writers. Click here to join. Membership is open to published as well as non-published authors, editors, publishers, literary agents, author promotion services, cover artists, and all their virtual assistants.

Are you a member of the Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo Group? Good. If not, quick! Go join. Why? Because MFRW members are automatically signed up for Marketing Summer Camp held July 14th-15th. If you want to take a particular course, read the messages posted with that title of the class. If you want to skip that class, don't read them. It's going to be that easy. Handouts and goody bags will be posted here on the website for you to nab once the conference begins.

There will be pitch appointments with multiple publishers for camp attendees. These will take place after camp so you don't have to miss classes. Karen Cote' and Karenne Lynn at CoffeeTime Romance are cooking up a deal to create these, so watch for more information.

WORKSHOPS (as of 7/06)
Marcia James:  Niche Marketing
Dawne Prochilo:  Where to Find Readers
Mary Caelsto:  Promos for Conferences
Rolyn Anderson:  QR Codes
Alison Knight:  Blogging 101
Janet Elizabeth Jones:  Role Playing Your Way to Good Scenes
Maryann Reid:  Romancing Your Audience
Kayelle Allen:  Preparing for Interviews / Dealing with Online Piracy
Rochelle Weber:  Using the MFRW Newsletter for Promotion
Tina Holland: Overcoming F.E.A.R.S.
Suzan Butler: Triberr
Julie Eberhart Painter: Multiple Submissions
Kay Dee Royal: Building the Paranormal Character
R. Ann Siracusa: Finding Your Audience

Official Tweet Maven: Delaney Diamond (Twitter link)
Dawne Prochilo, Cassandra Carr, Chris Redding, Juliette Springs, Suzanne Rock, Heaven O'Shey, R.J. Garside

Dawne Prochilo, Chris Redding, R.J. Garside, Carly Carson

We are gathering giveaways for all attendees. If you have an item you'd like to share with the crowd (such as a how-to handout), email us at MFRW Staff Please put "Donation" in the subject.

For attendees only - you can win some fabulous prizes provided by our Friends of Romance (CoffeeTime Romance, Romance Junkies, and The Romance Studio). Other items such as blog tours, and author services from various sites will be offered. List will be updated daily.

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Have fun!

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