Sunday, February 19, 2012


Samantha Grace’s debut Regency historical, Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel, is a laugh-out-loud tale of two unlikely lovers and the obstacles to true love, most of which they created themselves.

After breaking her engagement to a fortune-hunting rake, heiress Lana seeks a man who wants her and not her money. Lord Andrew is rich enough not to care about her dowry, but he’s still a rake with no interest in marriage. Her mother has picked a foreign nobleman for her, but Lana doesn’t care for him. She prefers Andrew, unsuitable as he is. What is she to do?

Andrew doesn’t want to marry. He’s having too much fun with wine, women and song. But Lana is different. What does she have that all the other ladies don’t? And he doesn’t like that foreigner who’s fawning over her. Something about the man strikes him as wrong.

Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel is a light-hearted (for the most part) Regency with heiresses, rakes, fortune hunters, mysterious noblemen, protective brothers, lovelorn yearning, crossed signals and people who are not what they seem. As well as two appealing lovers who refuse to believe they’re right for each other until they finally realize they are. Ms. Grace also leaves us wondering what will happen next with her tantalizing glimpses of Lana’s brother, Jake, and Amelia, the lady he wants but who doesn’t want him. Or so she thinks.

If you enjoy Regency romps, you’ll enjoy Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel.

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