Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: MIDNIGHT WALTZ by Jennifer Blake

I've loved every Jennifer Blake book I've read. Midnight Waltz is no exception.

In antebellum Louisiana, young wife Amalie settles into marriage with her new husband, Julien. Handsome, rich and charming, Julien is everything a woman could ask for, but slightly distant--until he comes to her bed at night. Then he turns into the wildly passionate lover of every woman's dreams.

The difference confuses and alarms Amalie, especially when attraction develops between her and Julien's newly arrived cousin, Robert. Secrets abound in a society that owes its existence to strict conformity, and Amalie's placid life ruptures when long-hidden truths surface.

Vivid descriptions and lush storytelling rocket you through this vibrant and compelling historical romance. Ms. Blake's extensive research and detailed descriptions insert you firmly into 1850's Louisiana plantation life. As a product of her time, Amalie starts out as a bit of a doormat, but her difficult situation rapidly transforms her into a woman capable of directing her own course, even if society disapproves. The hero (and I won't tell you who he is) is again my favorite type, the decent man.

While Midnight Waltz is everything a romance novel should be, the story is also a sad commentary on the futility and the tragedy of obeying society's precepts at any cost.

First published in 1984, Midnight Waltz remains a winner.

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catslady said...

You are really making me rack my brain. I do know that I have read her and enjoyed her but I do not believe I have read this story. Thanks for the review.

Jennifer Blake said...

"Midnight Waltz" has been a favorite book of mine from the day it was written--not least because my former agent tried to tell me the plot couldn't be done in a believable fashion. Many thanks for the affirmation for the story, as well as for your lovely and insightful comments. May I have permission to quote from them?

@Catslady: Many thanks to you, too, for reading my books, but most of all for saying you enjoyed them!

Warmest wishes, Jennifer Blake

Linda Banche said...

You're welcome, catslady. Jennifer Blake has written tons of books, so you may have missed this one. And since she's written so many, there are lots more for you to enjoy!

Linda Banche said...

Jennifer, thank you. I found MIDNIGHT WALTZ very believable. You drew Amalie as just naive enough at the beginning to believe what the powers that be wanted her to. But she learned to trust her own judgement as the book went on. The best books show growth in the hero and heroine, and MIDNIGHT WALTZ has it. I love your books. Please keep writing them.

And I'd be honored for you to quote my reviews.