Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: THE LADY OF THE STORM by Kathryne Kennedy

Kathryne Kennedy's The Lady of the Storm, the second installment of her Georgian fantasy, The Elven Lords, is a rousing story of adventure and the coming of age interspersed with magical marvels galore.

Half-human Cecily, bastard daughter of the elven lord of Dewhame, never wanted the powers over storm and stream she inherited from her father. And for years, thanks to her stepfather's magical safeguards and the watchful eye of Giles, whom her stepfather appointed as her protector, she lived as an ordinary girl. But Giles longs for action and adventure, and chafes in his role as blacksmith in a provincial village, especially since he desires Cecily. Cecily also desires Giles, but her stepfather has forbidden their yearning.

Then Cecily's stepfather disappears, and so do his shields. The water lord discovers his powerful daughter is still alive and moves to eliminate her. Cecily and Giles flee to the humans who fight to regain England from the elven overlords, and undertake a dangerous quest that leads them straight into the water lord's palace.

Ms. Kennedy has created another fascinating blend of history and magic in the elven kingdom of Dewhame. Merging magic and mores, she again captures Georgian sensibilities against the background of a world of magical wonders. And the magical water wonders are indeed wonderful and fit seamlessly into the story.

But The Lady of the Storm is also a study of heroism. Giles and Cecily, so human in their determination to seek their desires, achieve heroism and their yearned-for love when they finally accept the roles fate has thrust upon them.

Another fine effort from the master of historical magical romance.

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catslady said...

Oh, you don't have to talk me into this one. I just completed The Lady of the Storm. Katheryne Kennedy is my new found author for me. I'm really enjoying this Elven series. Her books have me totally enthralled! Great review.

Linda Banche said...

Thanks, catslady. I really enjoyed the book, too.