Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS by Amelia Grey

A Gentleman Never Tells--even when a strange lady kisses him in the park, thereby forcing him into an unwanted betrothal.

But what a lady! Duke's daughter Gabrielle is lovely, smart and concerned about people and animals. Viscount Brentwood could do much worse.

But Gabrielle kissed Brent in order to extricate herself from an unwanted betrothal. She's not about to shackle herself into another. But she never meant to involve an innocent party in her problems. What to do? Why, convince Brent she will make a terrible wife and have him call off the engagement.

Fun abounds as Gabrielle concocts failing scheme after failing scheme to convince Brent what a bad wife she will make, even as they present a solid front against the high sticklers of the Regency ton. And why have all those pet dogs disappeared?

A Gentleman Never Tells is a witty story with likeable main characters whose actions are guided by a concern for others. Gabrielle wants both Brent and herself to have a choice in their futures. Also guiding their actions are Gabrielle's concern for her sister's well-being (although I think she is a little too kind to her flighty sister), and Brent's solicitude for his brothers. And entwined through the story is the puzzle of the lost dogs and their owners' anguish over their loss

Ms. Grey keeps the action fresh, compelling and witty while the suspense about the characters' future and the riddle surrounding the dogs keeps us wondering right until the end.

A book I couldn't put down.

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catslady said...

Sounds like a fun read with a bit of mystery.

Sharon Sullivan-Craver said...

Very good blog and I am now intrigued to get the book..which I will do. Thank you

Linda Banche said...

Hi catslady. Yes, it's a fun book, and Amelia Grey always puts some mystery in her stories.

Thanks, Sharon. I enjoyed the book. Come over to Historical Hussies tomorrow, where Amelia will give away two copies.