Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review: The Truth About Mr. Darcy by Susan Adriani

What is the truth in Susan Adriani's The Truth About Mr. Darcy? The truth is Darcy is madly, passionately, obsessively and desperately in love with Elizabeth and doesn't know what to do about it. The Master of Pemberley has met his match and his well-ordered world crumbles. How to put the pieces back together? By swallowing his pride and telling Elizabeth the truth about Wickham before her prejudice can hurt them both.

Darcy's early confession changes Elizabeth's opinion of him, leading Darcy to declare his love and win her much sooner than in Pride and Prejudice. But their early engagement leads not to early bliss. In the grip of overwhelming ardor, Darcy, that most upright of men, courts a scandal which can destroy the Elizabeth he adores.

The wit and proper behavior of Pride and Prejudice sometimes obscures the powerful feelings seething beneath the surface. Ms. Adriani has humanized the story by adding emotion to the book's almost too cerebral characters. Enjoy watching the overly rational Darcy succumb to uncontrollable love in his pursuit of Elizabeth, and a newly ambivalent Elizabeth as she welcomes his advances while knowing she shouldn't. Not only Darcy and Elizabeth feel her touch. Lydia is louder and more obstreperous, Wickham more dastardly and a grudge-bearing Mr. Collins incites trouble. But Darcy's and Elizabeth's love is the focus, as they overcome more obstacles of their own making until they can complete their love.

Another enjoyable version of Pride and Prejudice.

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sadriani said...


Thank you so much for writing such a thoughtful review of my book. I was so happy to come across it. It was a wonderful treat at the end of a very long, tiresome day!

Thank you again -


MarySimonsen said...

Lovely review from a gracious reviewers. Congratulations.

Linda Banche said...

Susan, you're quite welcome. I enjoyed the book.

And thank you, too, Mary.

catslady said...

Linda always picks great books to review. This one sounds like another great one!

sadriani said...

Linda, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! I've enjoyed being your guest very much.

Thank you again, for making my experience with you so enjoyable and memorable!


Linda Banche said...

You're very welcome, Susan. Happy to have you.