Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: THE RETURN OF BLACK DOUGLAS by Elaine Coffman

A matchmaking ghost, time travel and Highland hunks. What more can you ask for in a romance?

Welcome to Elaine Coffman's The Return of Black Douglas.

Archaeologist Isobella Douglas lives in the wrong century. She needs a Mr. Darcy, especially after her rat of a fiancé elopes with his dance instructor a week before their wedding. So, Isobella and her twin sister, Elisabeth, visit the Scotland of their heritage. At Beloyn Castle, one of the ancient Douglas strongholds, they view a portrait of their ancestor, The Black Douglas. Wouldn't it be nice to have a man like that?

Be careful what you wish for…

The ghost of The Black Douglas catapults Isobella and Elisabeth back to 1515 Scotland. After dumping them into the middle of a battle between the Mackinnons and the Macleans, the meddlesome spirit abandons them. The Macleans take Elisabeth, but the Mackinnon chieftain, Alysandir, saves Isobella. Although a warrior, Alysandir is kind and understanding to the disoriented Isobella. A fierce attraction rapidly develops between them, but Alysandir mistrusts her. Where did she come from? Is she a spy? And he doesn't want to marry and Isobella does.

In order to succeed, time travels need to juxtapose the past and present in a believable manner. Ms. Coffman has the task down pat. Alysandir, while every inch the Highland warrior chief, is also kind and caring, a man for any woman's dreams. Twenty-first century Isobella has just enough of the traditional to fit into historic Scotland while retaining her modern spunk. While mainly serious, The Return of Black Douglas also contains plenty of comic relief to lighten the darker moments. And there are lots and lots of hunky men in kilts to please the most rabid Scottish historical fan.

A wonderful journey to the Scotland of the past with a hero to die for and a heroine who matches him--The Return of Black Douglas has it all.

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catslady said...

Oh, thanks for the review. Besides Regency, this is exactly the other type of book that I enjoy!

Linda Banche said...

Hi catslady. I like this kind of story, too.