Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: FIERCE EDEN by Jennifer Blake

Fierce Eden by Jennifer Blake is a sweeping, vibrant historical tale of love, honor, betrayal and adventure.

In 1729 Louisiana, long-simmering tension erupts into violence as the beleaguered Natchez Indians attack the French Fort Rosalie, destroying the fort and the surrounding farms and slaughtering the settlers.

Widowed French landowner Elise, after suffering marriage with an abusive husband, has no wish to submit to any man. But in the chaos after the massacre, she must accept the attentions of the half-French Natchez prince, Reynaud, as the price for his protection of her and her little band of survivors.

And so begins a far-ranging tale of culture clash and divided loyalties. Rich in in-depth historical detail and fast-paced action, Ms. Blake's superb novel sweeps you away into a vastly different time and place. Never dull, she draws you into the story of Elise's and Reynaud's increasing love for each other against the background of a world in violent transition.

Fierce Eden immerses you in cultures far different from our own, but where human nature remains the same. Elise, while a woman of her time, is no passive victim. She fights against her fate, and fails and succeeds in turn. Reynaud, as both French and Natchez, is torn between two worlds and must make the wrenching decision of where to place his loyalties.

I love Jennifer Blake. Her novels are exactly the kind of meaty read I adore. Ms. Blake wrote Fierce Eden in 1985 and the good news is--she's still writing. Even better, she still writes the same wonderful type of story. May she write for a long time to come, so we fans can enjoy her new novels along with her treasures of the past.

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catslady said...

I don't know why I haven't read her before. I know I've heard of her books but it's nice to get a good review. I am going to keep an eye out now!! Thanks.