Sunday, February 20, 2011

GIFTS GONE ASTRAY: Cover and Blurb/Excerpt

The Wild Rose Press has just sent me my cover for my latest Regency comedy novella, Gifts Gone Astray, and it's a beauty. Thank you, Rae Monet.

So, enjoy looking at the cover while you read the blurb and excerpt, to give you some idea of what the story is about:

A gift is a wonderful surprise. Or maybe not.

At the Earl of Langley's family gathering, everyone receives a gift, including the servants. Tutor Stephen Fairfax expects a small token, but the present from family member Mrs. Anne Copely, the widow who's caught his eye, is a dream come true.

Until he opens it. What a gift! How did that demure lady acquire such a book? And she wants to "study" it with him? If he accepts her offer, tempting as it is, he could lose his job.

Anne has no idea why Mr. Fairfax is in such a flutter. Her present is a simple book of illustrations. The subject interests them both, and she would like nothing better than to examine the book--and Mr. Fairfax--more closely.

She glanced at the mantel clock. "Oh, look at the time! I must return to the drawing room. So much to do before the family party tonight. But, before I leave..." She swallowed. "We had some trouble with the gifts today. Yours went missing. I apologize—"

"But I received a gift. Someone left it outside my door."

"Thank the stars." She pressed her hand to her bosom.

Stephen's gaze followed her hand down and his throat dried.

"I worried your present was lost."

She worried about me. Capital! He tore his eager gaze from her breasts and lifted his head. "I have not yet unwrapped it. A book, I take it?"

"Yes. The volume belonged to my husband. He was a scholar, and that book was one of his favorites. Mine, too. We spent many happy hours enjoying it." Another dazzling smile curved her lips. "I selected it with you in mind."

His pulse thumped. I have a chance. "You flatter me with your consideration."

"My pleasure." She flashed another of her heart-stopping smiles. "As much as I long to, I will not ruin the surprise by telling you what the book is." She smoothed her face into a blank stare, but her glorious chocolate eyes twinkled.

So, she wanted to play games. He gave an inward smirk. He would love to play games of a different sort. But he would settle for a guessing game. For now.

Thank you all,


catslady said...

It's a very lovely cover! Wouldn't it be horrible if it hadn't been. It's scary how much input I hear authors sometimes don't get. I've read your blurb and still very curious about that book!!

Kaye Manro said...

Oh wow, Linda! This is fantastic. I love the excerpt. That cover is beautiful too. Congrats again on Gifts Gone Astray!

Penny Rader said...

What a warm, beautiful cover, Linda! It has two of my most fave things: books and candles. I wish you great success with Gifts Gone Astray

Linda Banche said...

Thanks, catslady. The Wild Rose Press asks what we'd like on the cover and they try. I told them the book was bound in leather and tied with a bow, which they did. I also asked for an orrery (mechanical model of the solar system), which the artist put in the upper left hand corner, although it's a little hard to see in this image.

Thanks, Kaye. I appreciate it.

Thank you, too, Penny. I like books and candles, too. *g*

C. Zampa said...

This book sounds delightful, and the cover is beautiful.
And I SO love the cover of Mistletoe Everywhere. It is a veritable, beautiful Victorian Christmas card!

Congratulations on the new book and cover!

Linda Banche said...

Thank you, C. I appreciate it. I like the cover of MISTLETOE EVERYWHERE, too. I think all my covers catch the tone of my stories.