Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS by Kathryne Kennedy

With dazzling descriptions, nonstop action and searing romance, Kathryne Kennedy's Beneath The Thirteen Moons thrusts you headlong on a dangerous journey in an extraordinary world brimming with wonders and treachery.

In the water world of Sea Forest, everyone lives in trees rooted on the ocean floor. Lowly Mahri needs a Healer to save her fellow villagers from the plague. But Healers are of the privileged upper classes, who do not deign to treat the downtrodden commoners. So, she kidnaps one. But, unknown to her, the Healer she captures is Korl, Royal heir to the king of Sea Forest.

Dodging pursuit from Korl's enemies and the myriad dangers of their world, she succeeds in bringing her prize home to her village. But attraction as overwhelming as it is forbidden grips them both. While Sea Forest teeters on the brink of radical change, Korl's and Mahri's warring desires become the focal point, and either the solution or doom, of their world.

The only word to describe this book is WOW! Ms. Kennedy has taken the traditional fantasy of chest-thumping hero and clinging heroine and turned it on its ear. The prime mover and shaker is the outlaw Mahri, smuggler of the proscribed zabba root, basis of the Royals' power. Korl is a Healer (c'mon, how often do you see a male healer?), and while not averse to using his fists when necessary, is also kind. Ms. Kennedy also weaves in more than enough romance to satisfy even the most rabid romance junkie.

The third character is Sea Forest itself. Richly imagined and bursting with exotic inhabitants, Ms. Kennedy's vibrant tapestry of a world is the only possible setting for this joy of a romance.

For a different take on fantasy and tons of fabulous romance, Beneath The Thirteen Moons is a welcome change from all the same-old, same-old out there.

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catslady said...

Oh, I just wanted to let everyone know how much I loved The Fire Lord's Lover and I was lucky enough to have won Beneath the Thirteen Moons and can't wait to read it.