Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Week: A Guest and My Release

On Tuesday, November 2, Rebecca Ann Collins, author of the ten-book series, The Pemberley Chronicles, which follows the Pride and Prejudice characters into the future, guests here. She will talk about the Regency and Victorian eras, when her saga takes place, and the last book of the series, The Legacy of Pemberley. She will also give away two copies of her The Legacy of Pemberley.

As for me, on Wednesday, November 3 sees the release of Mistletoe Everywhere, my Regency Christmas comedy. I'll be running a contest to give away a PDF copy of Mistletoe Everywhere. Come back on Wednesday to find out how to enter. I'll also be guesting on various blogs and sites. See the sidebar for my guest schedule.

Come on Tuesday to meet Rebecca Ann Collins and return on Wednesday to celebrate the release of Mistletoe Everywhere.

Thank you all,


Heather Snow said...

Congrats on your release this week. Is it just as exciting every time? I hope you do something lovely to celebrate.

Linda Banche said...

Thanks, Heather. A release is always exciting. But I can't think of something special to do!