Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: NEVER A BRIDE by Amelia Grey

Never A Bride by Amelia Grey is a delightful tale of a determined lady, a flummoxed gentleman and the avenging of an innocent.

Mirabella kisses gentleman. Way too many by her erstwhile fiancé's estimate. But then, who is Camden to cast stones? He promised to wed her six years ago and he's only just returned to Regency London from America. While he sought his fortune to pay off his father's monstrous gambling debts, she has been unable to seek another husband.

Mirabella, unable to confide in anyone, must find the man who drove her friend to suicide. The villain has a scar on his collarbone and kissing gentlemen is the only way she can feel under their cravats. What's the loss of a reputation when she can prevent some other unfortunate's ruin? Besides, she will never marry, not since her unfeeling fiancé left her for so long.

While their attraction grows more and more intense, Mirabella proceeds on her course to the exasperation of a mystified Camden. I love the honorable Mirabella, who continues a quest that may cause her harm. And I love Camden, as his feelings for Mirabella war with his upbringing that labels her a wanton. Ms. Grey keeps you wondering right to the end if these two people, so right for each other, will overlook their differences. A truly enjoyable read.

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SherryGLoag said...

It sounds a complex, and fascinating read.

catslady said...

Sounds like a good one - will remember it for my tbb pile.

Linda Banche said...

Hi Sherry and catslady. I enjoyed this book. You'd probably have a good time with it, too.

peggy said...