Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creative Blogger Award

Lindsay Townsend has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award.

Here are my seven choices for the award: (Note, none of you have to accept). If you do, copy the icon, link back to me, pick seven bloggers to pass it on to and link to them, and then write seven things about yourself. At least one must be false.

Kaye Manro
Penny Watson
Steph Burkhart
Tiffany Green
Jen Black
Maggie Toussaint
Mary Ricksen

Here are seven statements about me. Six are true and one is false. Pick out the false one!

1. I like daffodils and pink roses.

2. I like ducks.

3. A baby goose bit me.

4. Baby turkeys came to my front yard.

5. I like gardening.

6. I like to read--romances, of course.

7. Penny Watson and I met in person at this year's NEC-RWA conference

Have fun!

Thank you all,


Kaye Manro said...

This is a funny one, Linda! I'll get to mine after the main tour for Forbidden Love is underway.

There will be an interview and launch party on the SFR Brigade blog this evening. If you have a chance, stop by. I'm giving away some cool prizes. The link will be up on my blog soon. (It is also in my favorite blogs to vist section)

Heather Snow said...

Hmmm...can't guess which one is false for you, so I'll guess which is false for me.

I love gardening.

Truthfully, I hate it. Oh, I love gardens, I just have a purple thumb and the feeling of dirt under my fingernails? Blech!
(Well, baby turkeys don't come in my yard, either, but it would be fine if they did :))

Waiting with baited breath to see which is false about you...

Heather Snow said...

Okay...I seriously just spelled bated wrong and of course, caught it right after I posted. Ooops...sorry. :)

Linda Banche said...

Hi Kaye, thanks for taking the award. I just put a comment on SFR Brigade. Congrats on your release.

Heather, you got it in one. I HATE gardening. I love flowers, but I don't have the patience to care for them. The only houseplants I have are Christmas cacti because they thrive on neglect.

Everything else is true. Those baby turkeys came to my yard last spring.