Sunday, April 18, 2010

Review: An Earl to Enchant by Amelia Grey

Matters are not proceeding to plan when the Morgan, the Earl of Morgandale, awaits a courtesan and a beautiful lady arrives. Miss Ariana Sweet's hope for sanctuary goes awry when a dashing and dangerous nobleman greets her instead of the expected elderly lady.

And so begins Amelia Grey's delightful Regency historical, An Earl to Enchant, a tale brimming with deceptive appearances, mistaken expectations, and dangerous secrets, all leavened with flashes of humor.

On the proverbial dark and stormy night, Ariana, ill, and newly arrived from India, seeks aid from an old family friend, Morgan's now-deceased grandmother. When Ariana collapses in his arms, Morgan is forced to grant her shelter.

The attraction between them is sharp and immediate. But the rakish Morgan is too much the gentleman to take advantage of a sick lady, and Ariana will not burden her kind benefactor with the danger stalking her.

The sensuality ratchets up page by page as they continue to deny their mounting passion. Meanwhile, exactly who is the villain dogging Ariana? The man who followed her from India, or someone else? Ms. Grey keeps us guessing almost to the end.

An Earl to Enchant is a treat for everyone who likes mystery, danger and humor woven into a sensual romance. Enjoy.

Be sure to be here on April 26 when Amelia Grey guest blogs.

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Kaye Manro said...

You do such good reviews, Linda! I look forward to Amelia blogging with you!

Linda Banche said...

Thanks, Kaye. There will a book giveaway when she's here, so come on back.

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