Sunday, March 28, 2010

NEC-RWA Conference Was This Weekend

The New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America held their annual conference this past Friday and Saturday. I went for the second time this year for another two days of workshops, networking, pitch appointments and fun.They held this year's conference in the same hotel as last year's, a few miles from my house. Since I hate driving, I went again. I can handle short distances.

This year, I again saw Diana Groe/Emily Bryan (Stroke of Genius), and I met Hannah Howell (Kentucky Bride). I also met some Wild Rose Press people. Penny Watson (Sweet Inspiration), who gave me a nice review for Pumpkinnapper, was there. Kathy Cottrell, Wild Rose Press editor for The Last Rose of Summer line, took pitch appointments. Beverly Breton (Stars in Her Eyes) gave a workshop I attended. When I heard she was also a TWRP author, I introduced myself. She knew who I was, and mentioned Pumpkinnapper by name. Maybe people do notice my books.

I had a good time, although I ate way too much. I also won a gift basket full of goodies for the second year in a row. I don't yet know the location of next year's conference, but if they hold it nearby, I'll go again.

Now for the Shameless Promotion: On March 31, fellow Classic Romance Revival author Steph Burkhart will guest blog about her latest book Be Mused, a paranormal anthology.

Fellow Regency and TWRP author Donna Hatch will guest here on April 2. The Wild Rose Press will release The Guise of a Gentleman, the second book in her Regency series, on April 16.

I'm part of The Long and Short of It's Easter Egg Hunt, which runs from March 29 to April 3. A PDF copy of my Lady of the Stars is part of LASR Prize Pack 5. Visit my website during the Hunt for a chance to win one of the prize packages. See for more information.

Thank you all,


Penelope said...

It was great to finally meet you in person, Linda! Can't wait to read your holiday release.


Linda Banche said...

Thanks, Penny. Nice to meet you, too.

Kaye Manro said...

Sounds like a wonderful conference, Linda!

Linda Banche said...

Hi Kaye, yes, it's a nice, local conference. I enjoyed it.