Sunday, May 24, 2009

Word Count Revisited

Last September, I wrote two blogs on word count, one on traditional word count, and one on computer word count. If you're like me, you're confused about which one to use

When I attended the my local RWA chapter's conference in March, I asked writers, editors and agents which word count they use. The unanimous answer was--computer word count.

Now, just because we're using computer word count doesn't mean we can forget formatting. Correct formatting is still one inch margins on all four sides, text double-spaced or 25 lines per page (25 lines per page is slightly closer than double-spaced), and widow and orphan control off.

Finding this out makes my life easier. Now I can write single-spaced, which I prefer, and not worry about how many vertical lines my story takes up. As long as I format the ms. correctly in the end, I have a valid word count.

Also, today, my latest chapter in the Neverending Story at Romantic Synonymous is up.

Thank you all,


Kaye Manro said...

Thanks for the reminder, Linda. We all need this to keep us on our toes! I'll check out your new chapter.

Linda Banche said...

Hi Kaye, glad to help out. And thanks for going over to Romantic Synonymous.