Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review: THE DARCY COUSINS by Monica Fairview

Monica Fairview's The Darcy Cousins is a book full of surprises, and the surprises start with the title. This follow-on to The Other Mr. Darcy continues the saga of the American Darcys, but this book is the coming-of-age tale of the very English Georgiana, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy's sister.

Three years have passed since Pride and Prejudice. Shy, retiring Georgiana is still unsure of herself after the debacle with Wickham. She awaits the start of her first Season, when into her life swoops her American cousin, Clarissa. The younger Clarissa is everything Georgiana wants to be--confident, outgoing and attractive to men, especially the handsome, charming Mr. Channing, to whom both girls take a fancy.

Mr. Channing's friend, Mr. Gatley, also handsome but not so charming, disapproves of Georgiana's infatuation and her attempts to ape Clarissa, and he makes no bones about telling her so. Each takes the other in dislike, and they spar constantly, refusing to admit their growing attraction. As Georgiana learns to be herself, with her own strengths and weaknesses, she at last sets to rest the ghost of Wickham. Mr. Gatley, so confident he is always right, realizes he can make mistakes, too.

Ms. Fairview has written a tale true to the Regency era, yet at the same time brimming with strong women. Clarissa is strong in an outgoing way. Georgiana is quieter but equally determined. The delightful surprise is the fate of Anne de Bourgh, the down-trodden daughter of the domineering Lady Catherine.

For those who can't get enough of Pride and Prejudice, The Darcy Cousins is sure to please.

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