Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: MISS DARCY FALLS IN LOVE by Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan's Miss Darcy Falls in Love, the latest in her Darcy Saga, is her best novel yet.

Georgiana Darcy has toured Europe, ending in France. In Lyon, she meets Sebastian, heir of the Earl of Essenton and a dedicated musician like herself. At last, Georgiana has found someone with whom she can share her deep love of music, and also her musical compositions. Sebastian feels the same way. Theirs is a meeting not just of minds and bodies, but souls as well. But Baron Caxton, a devastatingly handsome man for whom every woman feels an attraction, has decided Georgiana will be his wife. Georgiana feels the tug to the flamboyant Caxton, but will the tug to the quieter Sebastian be stronger?

The Regency genre is mainly populated by stories of rich and titled people whose only concern is for money, property and status. How refreshing to read about two people of this class who share a passion for something else (and I'm not just talking sex). Both Georgiana and Sebastian's love, musical talent, and the hard work they must perform to develop that talent is a welcome change amid the welter of too-rich-for-their-own-good nobles.

Again, the story is rich with sexual tension, sumptuous historic detail, the glittering Paris of 1820 and plenty of music. I like the almost novel-length buildup in sexual tension as Sebastian's and Georgiana's denied passion increases bit by bit, and I suffered along with them as they dealt with the misunderstandings that threatened their happiness.

I especially like that Sebastian encourages Georgiana in her music, rather than turning all male and demanding she give up her passion in order to settle down to her woman's lot of marriage and family. You have to love a man confident enough in his own masculinity not to feel threatened by a woman's talent. And he's blond (I love blond heroes!) and gorgeous, too. What's not to like?

I am sure Sebastian and Georgiana will have a long and happy marriage. And you'll have a good time reading Miss Darcy Falls in Love.

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catslady said...

I enjoyed her "In the Arms of Mr. Darcy" so it's nice to hear you like this one even more. Thanks again for your review.

Sharon Lathan said...

Thank you for the lovely review, Linda. I love it! So happy you enjoyed my vision for Georgiana. I assure you she is very happy with Sebastian!

I am at Disneyland so just saw the review. I am now sharing it with everyone. :-)

Sincerely, Sharon Lathan

Linda Banche said...

You're welcome, catslady. I'm glad you enjoyed the books.

Hi Sharon. I'm glad you liked the review and are spreading it around. And I'm happy that Georgiana and Sebastian are enjoying wedded bliss.