Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: THE HEIR by Grace Burrowes

The Heir by Grace Burrowes is a tender story of two people, ensnared by their family's machinations, who find refuge with each other

Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven and heir of the Duke of Moreland, prefers a sweltering summer London to the cool countryside rife with his father's matchmaking. Into his life comes his housekeeper, Mrs. Anna Seaton. Anna, who decorates his house with flowers and plies him with his favorite sweet lemonade, provides the restful comfort the hounded Westhaven craves.

But Anna is a mystery. She is obviously a lady, so why does she work as a housekeeper? The battle is on, as Anna fights to keep her secrets against Westhaven's gentle assault, even as she longs to yield to him.

I love Westhaven, my favorite kind of hero, a decent man. And even better, he works! Although he's a duke's son, he's tired at night because he spends his days repairing his family's finances, which his father has left in tatters. No gallivanting until the wee hours of the morning wenching and drinking.

Anna is good match for Westhaven--she's as intelligent and determined as he is. The secondary characters are endearing: Westhaven's younger brother, the musically gifted Valentine, who deflects his father's marriage plots by pretending to be homosexual, his older brother, Devlin, half-Irish and illegitimate, and Morgan, his hard-of-hearing housemaid. And the evildoers lurking in the background are appropriately evil.

Dangerous secrets, scheming families and villainous villains--Ms. Burrowes keeps us wondering almost to the end exactly what those secrets are.

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Grace Burrowes said...

Linda, Thanks for your kind words regarding "The Heir." I had a lot of fun writing this book! If you enjoyed it, then you might want to watch for Devlin's story, "The Soldier," in summer 2011 and Valentine's story, "The Virtuoso" in fall 2011.

catslady said...

I enjoyed the review. It sounds like a wonderful book and I'm very interested in those secrets lol.

Linda Banche said...

You're welcome, Grace, and I'll certainly look for your upcoming books.

Hi catslady. You'll never guess what those secrets are until the heroine tells you.