Sunday, November 28, 2010


Those who can't get enough of Pride and Prejudice will love A Darcy Christmas, a trio of Christmas novellas centering on Darcy and Elizabeth.

First is Carolyn Eberhart's Mr. Darcy's Christmas Carol, a retelling of Charles Dickens's classic story. While deliberating whether he should marry the unsuitable Elizabeth, Darcy receives Christmas Eve visitations from three ghosts. Their dire revelations predict the terrifying depths to which his life will plunge if he turns his back on her love. And not just his life, but the lives of all those around him as well. Especially frightening is the Ghost of Christmas Future's prophecy. A powerful and chilling cautionary tale for the Christmas season.

Amanda Grange's Christmas Present follows Darcy and a very pregnant Elizabeth as they visit Jane, Bingley and the couple's infant son in their new house for Christmas. In a microcosm of Pride and Prejudice, most of that novel's players, whether by design or accident, show up. What starts out as a quiet celebration rapidly devolves into a free-for-all as the old family dynamics come into play. Not to be missed are the arrival of Lady Catherine de Bourgh and her pet clergyman, Mr. Collins. And Mr. Collins has a brother? And a handsome one at that? What is the world coming to? Amid the strained relations, Darcy and Elizabeth receive the best gift of all on Christmas Day. A very effective presentation of the Pride and Prejudice pantheon in a Christmas setting.

The books' title story, Sharon Lathan's A Darcy Christmas, consists of a series of short vignettes that chronicle Darcy's and Elizabeth's long and happy marriage through succeeding Christmases. This tour de force, lush with detailed descriptions and dripping with love of all kinds, provides a fascinating preview of her saga. I liked the first story the best. On the Christmas Eve before he marries her, a desperately lonely and confused Darcy dreams of the unacceptable Elizabeth as his wife and the mother of their children. Is he in love with her? He can't be. Can he?

Merry Christmas to all Pride and Prejudice fans everywhere.

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Tricia Schneider said...

I just added this to my shopping list yesterday! It sounds good!

catslady said...

This is the perfect time of the year to be reading this and it does sound wonderful. I'm having my Thanksgiving today so tomorrow I start thinking of Christmas!