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CRR Blog Tour --LK Hunsaker and "Off The Moon"

Today I have the pleasure of hosting LK Hunsaker on her blog tour to promote the release of her latest book, Off The Moon. Off the Moon is a tale of love and caring against the background of popular music. Classic Romance Revival has sponsored the tour, and LK's full itinerary is available at

Don't forget to leave your comments! One person from each blog will be drawn to receive a signed, mailed copy of the short story LK has written as a bit of a prequel to Off The Moon, called Toward The Sky, plus there will be a signed print book drawing for anyone who comments on at least 8 blogs!

Hi LK, glad to have you here! Let the show begin!

Hi Linda! I’m glad to be here chatting with you and your readers! Thanks for having me!

Since I know you like humor, I thought we’d do something fun and a bit off-beat today. Character interviews are becoming popular in order to show extra insight into just who our stories are about. I’d like to do a few for the tour this month, but I’m avoiding my main characters and instead talking with minor characters about my main characters. Sound interesting? Let’s hope so. ;-)

A.K. Avoxx, a journalist following “Riveting” Ryan Reynauld’s highly successful pop music career, has cornered his brother Will leaving a supermarket in Bennington. He’s just picked up a few necessities for his family on his way home from work and isn’t known to talk much about Ryan, but we’ll see what we can get. Take it away, A.K.!

A.K.: Will? You’re Will Reynauld, right?

Will: (looks at the microphone and recorder) I’m on my way home. Excuse me.

A.K.: Only a few minutes? I’m from BlogHoppenings and would love to talk to you about your brother?

Will: Call his manager and get an appointment to talk with him. He’s easy enough to find and he has no trouble talking about himself.

A.K.: Ah, I did, quite the fun interview. He said he didn’t mind if I talked to you.

Will: Did he? That was nice of him.

A.K.: His exact words were, “You can try. Good luck.” I took that as permission.

Will: Uh huh. I have ice cream in the bag. My son has a sore throat, so if you don’t mind…

A.K.: He comes up here to visit a lot, from what I’ve heard. I’ve also heard the two of you are very close. You half raised him?

Will: Haven’t seen him in three months, if you consider that a lot. He keeps himself busy.

A.K.: So you’re not as close as it’s rumored?

Will: He’s my brother. And I respect his privacy.

A.K.: (laughs) Riveting Ryan doesn’t seem to need or want privacy. He pretty much tells all, doesn’t he? Not much we don’t know from his perspective. But I was hoping for something more … intimate, kind of the man behind the job. You lost your father some years ago, is that right? That much he doesn’t talk about. But I have heard you stepped in to help raise him. He was young…

Will: He was fourteen. I was twenty. He’s said that much already. And there are some things he does want private. He deserves that right like everyone else.

A.K.: You sure sound like a protective parent.

Will: (sets the bag of groceries in the trunk of his car and turns) We are close, yes. We talk often, as brothers. I’ve never tried to be his parent. He has Mom for that. Not that he needs parenting anymore. He’s doing well, as you can see. I’m afraid you’re not going to get any inside information from me, or from the rest of the family.

A.K.: So I should be knocking on neighbors’ doors to find more?

Will: (pauses) You can try. Good luck.

A.K.: You think they won’t talk?

Will: They don’t know anything you don’t already. He comes to visit us. Otherwise, he stays to himself while he’s here. Privacy.

A.K.: Ah, so there is a hidden, private side to Riveting Ryan none of us have heard about yet?

Will: Just a tip – he doesn’t like to be called that.

A.K.: Yes, I noticed he didn’t seem to appreciate it. Although it’s flattering, isn’t it? Referring to how riveted his audience is whenever he’s on stage? Or are the background stories true that it actually refers to something more … intimate? Regarding the flock of girls always on his heels?

Will: He is riveting on stage. Incredible showman on top of the music. Anything else, I won’t discuss. And I need to get home, so if you don’t mind…

A.K.: Of course, and thank you for your time. Could you give me a hint when you next expect him? It’d be nice to see him at home with his family.

Will gives him a raised-eyebrow glance and turns away, escaping into his car.


Questions or insights? Leave them in the comments and I’ll get back with you! All who comment on this blog have a chance to win a so-far-unpublished short story related to Off The Moon. It will be printed, signed, and mailed at the end of the month so be sure your blog host can contact you. If you comment on at least eight of my blogs from the tour this month, you’re eligible to win a signed print copy of Off The Moon when it’s released.

Also, be sure to check my blog this month for Off The Moon related interviews. []

Find my website for more info, plus a free download of the beginnings of each of my novels:

Off The Moon

LK Hunsaker

"Riveting" Ryan Reynauld is immersed in a world of music, parties, and temporary companionship. Having risen to the top of the pop charts, his biggest concern is objecting to the way his music is produced. That is, until he finds a young woman standing on a window ledge. Against the advice of family and friends, and through media attacks and fan protests, Ryan determines to care for her himself, making a promise that threatens to destroy his career.

Convincing the skittish girl she can learn to trust again comes with a steep price. Sometimes the path to recovery begins by allowing your world to implode.

Elucidate Publishing

November 2009

Print ISBN 978-0-9825299-0-4

Ebook ISBN 978-0-9825299-1-1

As an added bonus, here's a preorder link that includes free shipping within the US until my release date (discounted outside the US):

Thanks again, Linda!

You're very welcome, LK. Come back anytime.


Next up: Subplot – Another Rescue, hosted by Sandra Kay, Nov. 9


LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Linda, I'll be jumping in and out today to talk with anyone who stops by. While I'm here, I have a preorder link that includes free shipping within the US until my release date (discounted outside the US):

Linda Banche said...

Hi LK, nice to have you here. Great post.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Original idea of the interviews, LK! And it 'catches' Will perfectly.

Super blog, Linda! Very handsome and crisp.

Question for both of you - do you ever find your 'non-lead' characters demanding to become leads?

LK Hunsaker said...

Thank you, Lindsay. I'm glad he came off the same in the interview as in the book!

I think in this one, Daws tends to try to take the lead -- not on purpose but because he's a strong, in-charge type. In fact, the story commenters can win makes him a lead character. ;-)

In my Rehearsal series, Stu tries to take lead at times because he's rather flamboyant. He'll get a short story soon, also.

How about yours, Lindsay?

Thanks for continuing to follow my tour!

Cindy K. Green said...

Hello Loraine and Linda!

Great interview idea. I do love those character interviews. You get a real feel for the characters. Good luck with the rest of the tour Loraine!

LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Cindy, thank you :-)

Nice of you to come by!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Loraine,
Interesting interview, never thyought to interview any of my characters.
Good luck with the tour.


LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Margaret, I've enjoyed character interviews I've read and thought it was a great idea. It's also fun, when you get those survey things in your email, to fill those out for your characters. I did that for my three main Rehearsal characters and put them in their Myspace blogs.

I have at least one more character interview coming up on tour, maybe two more. :-)

Thanks for coming by again!

Kaye Manro said...

I really like this character interview, LK. Good luck on your blog tour!

LK Hunsaker said...

Kaye, thank you. Nice of you to drop in. :-)

Mona Risk said...

Hi Loraine, great idea this blog tour. I love the heroes' interviews. It makes a character easier to understand and appreciate. Good luck on the release of Off The Moon. It sounds so intriguing.

LK Hunsaker said...

Mona, whoever came up with the idea was very clever. It does add extra insight. It also makes you stop and think about your character outside the story.

Glad you dropped in, even with jet lag!

Linda Banche said...

Hi all, thanks for coming.

Lindsay, I have a lead character who became a minor character in a prequel. Talk about doing things backwards. **grins**

Kathleen O said...

This was a fantastic way to do an interview.. Best of luck on your tour...

CallMeKayla said...

awesome contest!

StephB said...

Linda and Loraine, great interview. I loved Ryan's voice. You could sense his strength and the tough fascade that he uses as his mask. Have fun with the blog tour, Loraine!


LK Hunsaker said...

Linda, I've done that just a touch in this one also -- lead to minor. Are your stories related?

Kathleen, thank you! Nice to see you here. :-)

Kayla, I'm glad you're enjoying the tour and contest!

Thanks, Steph. :-) Yes, Ryan is a bit of a Jeckyl/Hyde type but to less extent.

Linda Banche said...

Hi Loraine,

Yes, my stories are related. I have a trilogy I wrote backwards, book 3, then book 2, then book 1. Book 3 is the finished one

LK Hunsaker said...

WINNER: Margaret Tanner

I used WDC's virtual dice and counted 8 comments other than myself and Linda, plus previous winners and came up with number 3.

Congrats, Margaret! The story will be mailed out after the book's release date. Please contact with your mailing address.

Link to the contest rolls: